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Review Wrath of the Titans (2012): Too tame but overall a solid entry that is a little less enjoyable compared to the first.

genre: fantasy, action, adventure

The original Clash of Titans (1981) is a classic in my opinion because it still holds up today. The special effects may be dated or old fashioned for some. But in some aspects it's superior to CGI in many ways. Take the Medusa scene for example. Medusa looks and is a lot scarier then the CGI version. And in this scene it is also shown that action can't always replace suspense and tension. However while it is obvious there are major differences I did enjoy the remake as much as the original. The experience was just a little different though.

Apparently I am one of the few who actually liked the remake since general opinion wasn't that favourable. So I was looking forward to see the sequel Wrath of the Titans. Which for the most part is solid. While the visuals and special effects  are bigger and better everything else is lesser. At least in the first part the plot had a logic to it. In Wrath of the Titans it was one incoherent mess and minimalistic at best. I missed enthusiasm from the actors. Sam Worthington was a very reluctant hero in this one. He only wants to take care of his son. Understandable .But the whole doubting his strength and abilities is boring to say the least! In connection with his previous adventures it made no sense since there he had proven himself beyond odds. I understand that they thought it would made good drama only in this case it came across as cheesy and very tedious. Kronos looked amazing and promised to be a wonderful villain resembling Kronos from the God of War game series. Too much similarities to say it isn't inspired or copied. But let's assume they haven't copied it. They should have. Since then they might have learned how to properly use iconic creatures and their storylines. Because if  there is one thing that the game series excelled at was to really bring out the epicness of the Greek Mythology. While Kratos is a mean mofo and not afraid to clash with gods and titans they aren't pushovers like they are in Clash and Wrath. I mean Zeus is the King of Gods, the most powerful of all the Gods. Not a weakling like they present in the movie. At least in the game series they had more respect for the Mythology. It doesn't make quite sense if you think about it. Perseus being the son of Zeus being more powerful as Zeus himself. Yeah, right. That was too stupid for words. Anyway Kronos doesn't do much which is very disappointing since the whole time it has been building up to him coming in action and poof before you know it it's over. Still there are some very enjoyable action scenes that save the movie from becoming an utter failure like the one where they are fighting the Cyclops.

For a title featuring Wrath it's too tame but overall a solid entry that to me was a little less enjoyable in comparison to the first but entertaining nonetheless.      

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