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Review Batman Beyond (1999-2001)

genre:animation, superhero, action, science fiction

After playing Batman Arkham City I could not get enough of Batman.In my search for everything batman the first show that came to mind was Batman Beyond.I loved the show when I first saw it and realized I only saw the first season.So naturally it was time to re watch and finish watching all seasons.One of the best elements is how good it captures the soul and essence of what Batman is about.Bruce Wayne has become old and was ready to retire until through fate he crosses paths with Terry McGinnis.A teenager who also just lost his father and is out to get the guy who killed him and steals the enhanced Batman suit to do it.That there are similarities between the origin of Batman and Terry is obvious. But there seems to be more to it which in small doses the viewer is hinted at throughout the series.There is a crossover episode (s04e13 Epilogue Justice League) that I recommend seeing before Batman Beyond since you will learn more about Terry's origin which will enhance the viewing pleasure even more.For a show supposedly aimed at kids you would not expect this to be clever like this.But it does make it more appealing to a mature audience.In fact the series is filled with adult topics that refer back to the Batman mythos and complicated relationships.One returning theme is Bruce Wayne not being able to let go of his ways and Terry being his own Batman.Terry makes it clear several times that he is not a sidekick like Robin or Batgirl.Slowly Bruce comes to realize that eventually but not without bickering and nagging which is fun to watch.Essentially Batman Beyond is still about Bruce Wayne and through Terry's adventures and other events we get to see what makes Bruce Wayne tick.If you are willing you could take it broader and further than Batman and make it personal since the show does address the old age issue and coming to terms with it.Terry is indeed a different batman since he talks a lot and is witty in his encounters with villains.He is almost similar to Peter Parker (Spiderman) of the Marvel Universe which makes.Struggling between daily life and Batman activities which makes him very likeable.Batman Beyond basically is an anime full of action and interesting main characters in a future setting of the Batman Universe that respects and ties in to the source material of the Batman we know and at the same time offers some new takes on old fashioned themes and villains.Definitely a must watch!

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