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Review Aatish: Feel the Fire (1994): Bad Better Tomorrow clone!

genre: action, drama, bollywood

Aatish is meant to be taken serious. And in some aspects it does succeed. Only too bad that the serious moments are a blatant scene by scene copy of Heroic Bloodshed classic A Better Tomorrow. Except for the action scenes. The one thing that made me decide to watch this Bollywood version in the first place. Which was disappointing to say the least. Since A Better Tomorrow was all about the stylish action I can't but help that the director of Aatish hasn't got a clue what made the movie so popular. His use of slow motion and choreography shows why John Woo is God and everyone who tries to imitate or copy always are doomed to fail. The melodrama in the Hong Kong original was already pretty high. But Aatish easily manages to double that with unintentional hilarious results. Shakti Kapoor and Gulshan Grover usually make very good villains. Here they parody characters played in previous movies. Which was a bad decision on their part. On a little positive note Sanjay Dutt and Aditya Pancholi do their best and if they had help from a competent or better director this Bollywood remake could have been great. I could go on and on. But let's not. Avoid this one and go see the original.

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