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Review Piranha 3DD (2012)

genre: comedy, horror

The title and poster already suggest where it is going. Double D's signifying boobs and full-frontal nudity. With that in mind, you simply can't expect this one to be as good or even better. 

Piranha 3D used comedy as surprise. It was a horror first and foremost that increasingly became hilarious. In this sequel, it is the other way around, which messes up the whole vibe that the first had going for it. To enhance the comedy they tried to parody David Hasselhoff featuring David Hasselhoff himself. And that was an utter disaster. It wasn't funny in the slightest. Add to that the numerous boring sex jokes. I mean, one running gag is this dude with curly hair sticking his Johnson in those holes you can find in swimming pools for sexual relief. Most jokes are of this calibre. Which is fine if it got compensated by the horror and gore. And there it goes completely wrong. Instead of more Piranhas causing chaos and mayhem, there is less of them. Less of them means less gore. Big budget or low budget, I don't care. You don't mess with the one reason most people will pick this title in the first place. Not that there weren't some worth wile scenes. But the few that were, could not compensate the overall mess that is Piranha 3 DD. 

This might be enjoyable for the ones that love bad C movies. Even then, it's easily one of the worst titles in that category.

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