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Review The Serpent and the rainbow (1988): Filled with events that can be intense and disturbing!

genre: horror

For years, I have ignored this title. And after having seen it I wonder why that was since this is a very good horror. Maybe a mixed affair when it comes to being scary. Although, it is thrilling and suspenseful through and through. 

The plot manages to hook you right from the start with a fast pace. I liked the fact that through some inventive dream sequences, it wasn't always clear when it was reality and when it wasn't. It adds a dimension and raises the tension even more. Voodoo plays a large role in this film, and it was interesting to see how they blended that with the political theme in the story. Together with our main character, played by Bill Pullman, we embark on a journey in a world most of us know nothing of. This journey is filled with events and surprises that can be very intense or disturbing at times, especially when you realize this is based on a true story. Say what now? Yes, I was as surprised as you are now. Note that there are scenes that take some liberties and can't be taken seriously. 

Definitely worth your time!

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