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Review Short Night of Glass Dolls (1971): Rather dull and generic

genre: giallo, horror

A film that gets a lot of praise and while there are elements in that were interesting it failed to engage me. 

One main flaw is the lack of build up of tension and thrills. Which is rather odd since the opening scenes introduces us to our main character apparently dead to the world, but the audience is let known he is alive since we can hear his thoughts. This is the moment where the main character recaps the story. A premise this interesting should have you glued to the seats, instead it's one dull scene after another. Lots of political mumbo jumbo that supposedly is to be sophisticated criticism of some sorts. OK. I get it. Could we move on with the story? You will be asking your self this often, since it takes far too long for the mystery to unfold. And if the slow pace was backed up by tension or some nice visuals or anything else that would help deepen the viewing experience, then I would not mind it. But there is no tension or any redeeming factor to the story at all. Until the ending scenes. First, there is the scene that explains why our main character is in the state he is in. Very bizarre scene but sadly rather predictable. And then the final scene, which is full of tension and extremely thrilling. Only a little too late. I am not quite sure if this can be called a giallo. Since apart from some themes it is rather dull and generic. 

For people who decided to watch this film solely for (Bond Girl) Barbara Bach, give this one a miss. She only is in a few unremarkable scenes.

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