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Review Original Sin (2001): Temptation never has been this boring!

genre: thriller, drama

Never thought it would happen but it did. Antonio Banderas let me down. 

Not that he was terrible in this movie. But I could not manage to sympathize with his character at all. In a large part this is the fault of the script and the direction. I could for the life of me not understand why they did not show scenes where Angelina's character actually showed real genuine feelings at the start. A few scenes of intimacy excluding the sex would have made the difference for me. Especially since there is no visible chemistry between Angelina and Antonio. A good contrast for example are the scenes between Salma Hayek and Antonio in Desperado. What a joy to watch. You can feel the sexual tension and playfulness between them. Sadly this is not the case here. Since the whole believability of the plot relies on Vargas love for the very questionable Julia. It was not that convincing. Every twist and turn in Original Sin is predictable. And yet it felt like they were building up to some wonderful twist that never comes. In stead we get one that is ridiculous to say the least. Not only takes it forever to get to the point it was not even worth the journey. 

For once I agree with the general opinion on this movie. There is no redeeming factor whatsoever. Original Sin is not only bad, it's a total waste of time.

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