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Review Thick as Thieves a.k.a. The Code (2009): Fast paced, slick, stylish and funny heist movie!

genre: heist, thriller, action

Thick As Thieves is a fun little heist movie starring Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman. This alone should be reason enough to watch the movie. Antonio is as charming as ever and even Morgan Freeman shows he is having fun. From some bad reviews I gather people were expecting something new or intense. I wonder why that is? Since there are only a few ways a heist movie can play out and it all has been done before. So the originality will have to come from the actors, the plot or other elements like thrills and action. And Thick as Thieves has more than enough surprises which consists of very decent twists and turns to warrant a viewing. The heist scene in particular is very thrilling. I do think you have to love the genre. (People who love the genre appreciate this more than people who are expecting grander things. And that is because in movies like these the heist is always the center and the other elements function to intensify that. While there are a couple  that have been able to make the other elements (like action) stand out for example in The Italian Job (2003) those are more exceptions to the rule. Especially if you compare them with the older ones. Therefore being familiar with the genre will help enormously.) In comparison to other movies in the genre this is fast paced,  slick, stylish  and full of humour and stars Antonio Banderas. (Honestly the man can do no wrong with me). He brings more than enough on the table to make it worth your while. I personally found Thick as Thieves much more entertaining than so called A titles. It never gets pretentious and it looks like a lot of love went into this project. Do yourself a favour and  give it a chance and you won't be sorry.

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