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Review The Count of Montechristo (2002): A true gem!

genre: action, adventure, thriller, drama

Not having read the book I had no idea what the story would be about. I do remember seeing the Richard Chamberlain version when I was a child. But apart from the prison scenes I could not recollect anything else. When this version appeared on my radar. I could not have imagined it would be so good. It even angers me a little that a gem like this hasn't got the appreciation it does deserve. Everything works in this movie. The story, the acting, the scenery even the action scenes. What isn't there to like? Maybe there are some things that could be criticized like the motivation for Guy Pearce's character to act like he does. For the most of it that doesn't matter much. But it would give him much more depth. Clear cut villains can be boring sometimes. So it is to Guy Pearce's credit that his character is still interesting. Jim Caviezel is on his best.When he feels pain you feel it. I do feel that there are hardly negative points to make about this version of Monte Christo. And if one can found some then I think that is nitpicking. This version deserves an audience and praise. Do yourself a favour and go watch it as soon as possible or whenever you come across it.

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