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Review Awake season 1 (2012)

genre: drama, thriller, crime

Awake is a show that had a hugely interesting premise and combined it with the usual crime drama stuff in such a way that it remained interesting and compelling.It involved the viewer.Which reality is real? Is what we see displayed real at all? Then to make it even more interesting they add an arch that gives an explanation of the trauma that our main character is suffering from. And of course a show this compelling and good gets cancelled. At least the final episode gives us a ending that offers closure and is not a cop out like most people think it is. We are shown another piece of the puzzle that would have been explored in a second season. Jason Isaacs is excellent as the main character. He is convincing as the man living through dreams and we want him get of the bottom of the condition he is in. I liked this complex character and we nearly don't get to see enough of such characters in TV land.  I can truly recommend this show and only can hope that it will get a continuation in whatever form.

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