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Review Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012): Fun while it lasts!

genre: adventure, comedy

The sequel to a movie I hardly can't remember. Other than the word Journey and one character returning there is not much else that would qualify as a sequel. Even the returning character does not mention his previous adventure. So it is safe to assume you don't have to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. Journey 2 is slightly superior though. It's immensely fast paced, action packed and even offers comedy (of the very silly variation). The Rock's presence works wonders. He is perfect for these kind of roles. Michael Caine also knows not to take things seriously which adds to the fun. And that is what Journey 2 is mostly about. Fun, fun and more fun. How can someone be critical about a movie that doesn't pretend to be more than simple mindless entertainment. It all comes down to the question "Is this worth your time?". Answer: Yes, it is.   

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