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Review Night Visitor (1989)

genre: thriller, horror

Take a little Rear Window, add a sample of Fright Night, mix it with some satanism and serial killer stuff in a Boy cried Wolf like story and I just described Night Visitor to you. One of the things I have noticed that needs to be addressed at once is the fact that Night Visitor even with a somewhat unlikely plot is being advertised as a horror comedy. And it's not. While some situations may come across as comedic to some most of the events are meant to be taken serious. The acting is solid throughout. And the main characters are very likable. The direction is a bit sloppy but the tension and suspense remain once it starts. That being said the suspense is much lighter than that of Fright Night for example. But there is enough that makes you want to root for Billy Colton our main character. Since the villains are particularly nasty and creepy. Delightful little thriller!

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