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Review The black belly of the tarantula (1971)

genre: giallo

In most of the Giallo movies I have seen so far, there was always this gimmick that made the movie distinguish itself in the genre. While there is such a gimmick used here it nearly isn't as interesting as it sounded. The gimmick of course is the killer using acupuncture needles to paralyze the victims like this special wasp does to the black tarantula. And that is it. The title sounds more intriguing than it is. The movie contains enough moments to maintain a certain tension. But without red herrings it is actually pretty easy to pick out the killer. In good Giallos they often give hints and clues in making you think who the suspect is and then hit you with this amazing twist that turns everything upside down and still make sense. "Black Belly..." lacks serious suspects so basically everyone could be the killer. Very sloppy or lazy and no fun whatsoever. This movie doesn't even try to make sense of the killer's actions which usually should be the key element in unfolding the killer's identity. Apart from the beautiful women this movie isn't special. Is it a waste of time then? No, not really. But one familiar with the genre does expect more creativity. The main character also starred as Matis in the last two Bond movies which sort of gives this movie more glamour. Overall this movie just lacks the punch I expect to be in a giallo movie.

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