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Review John Carter (2012): Old school adventure that is full of action and fun.

genre: adventure, action

John Carter is an old school adventure. It doesn't really surprise but it is entertaining through and through. When it comes to adventure movies the plot should not matter much but if it is an interesting or compelling one then it should be perceived as a bonus.While the premise of John Carter is interesting there is not much of a plot. Which is not a problem. But what I did miss was some depth to the characters especially John Carter himself. By the end of the movie we don't learn significantly new about him. I think that is a real shame since John Carter as a character is too much your standard hero type and in my opinion sometimes a little boring. The CGI characters however were interesting and add the spice that is needed. John Carter is mostly about the action which is extremely enjoyable and certainly the high point of the movie. Definitely worth your time.  

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