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Review Pain & Gain (2013)

genre: crime, comedy

A lot of people think Michael Bay is one of the worst directors in existence. And when it comes to the Transformers franchise I am inclined to think the same but then Bay does manage to surprise friend and foe with gems like The Rock and this one. Pain & Gain is truly a compelling and incredibly entertaining black comedy. It becomes even more impressive if you learn that this film is based on a true story. Now obviously Michael Bay has taken some freedom with it and details might have been changed. Still if you realize that most of the events have occurred for real in one form or another. You will get overtaken by this uncomfortable and eerie feeling. The stupidity of our main characters know no bounds and you will shake your head with disbelief in how they act and portray themselves. At first you will laugh at them but soon after you will pray for them to get caught because these characters will do some idiotic and horrific things that will make you cringe. All is presented in a very stylistic and visually manner no doubt to camouflage the darkness that hides within and to keep things light. It has to be otherwise you will be repulsed and become very angry and might break stuff because of it. Now it is important to make the distinction between normal comedy and black comedy. This movie deals with dark themes that you normally would not laugh about. But by having made this into one Michael Bay has been able to tell you the horrors of this story in a way that it won't turn you off if he had done it seriously. So it seems like there is more to Michael Bay than meets the eye. Do give this a chance, it is one of the best black comedies I have seen. 

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