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Review The killer must kill again (1975): Very different from most giallo's but in a good way.

genre: giallo

The Killer must Kill again sounds like a title suited for your typical giallo. And it does start out as one. Soon it becomes clear that it's not and even cold blooded killers can have bad days. There are numerous moments that play out like you would see in comedies. The straight faced kind, which makes it even hilarious at times. I personally was not expecting this and found it refreshing. But the director made sure not to sympathize with the culprit too much since he continually shows evil when he feels when it is needed. This provides an unique way in building suspense since you never really know when the killer shows that nasty side and when he remains professional.Antoine Saint-John (as the killer) looks like Death personified. Easily the best character in the movie next to Alessio Orano's character named Luca who has to be the most laid back and patient of guys in movie history. He is trying to have sex with his girl and she keeps putting him off and delaying it to the point that she convinces him to fetch food. Luca doesn't mind and goes on his way. How laid back the guy is we get to witness in the scenes after with a sexy blonde in some sleazy scenes (full frontal nudity). The contrast between those scenes and the ones with Laura (Luca's girl) which I won't describe was quite disturbing and shocking. It's this mix of moments that keeps you glued to the screen. Very different from most giallo's but in a good way.

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