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Review Cold Eyes Of Fear (1971): Avoid! It is not worth your time.

genre: giallo?

The copy I watched had an interesting introduction. Featuring Satanic sluts, no joke. I looked it up and apparently they are part of Redemption films who distribute European Horror and sleaze cinema. The moment I saw this I was under the impression I had the wrong copy. But those 5 or 6 minutes were more bloody and creepy than the actual movie. And that is not a good thing. So Cold Eyes Of Fear may be a giallo in the most literary sense that of crime thriller. Other than that it is far from the giallo movies that we would like to see. The one where a preferably unknown killer makes victim after victim if possible in the most gruesome and thrilling way. Where crime meets thriller and thriller meets horror. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. And there are more ways to describe a giallo movie. No matter how you would describe it this simply wasn't it. I really tried my best in enjoying this production. But after 70 minutes I could not take it anymore. And decided to skip a few scenes. Safe to say I did not miss a thing. I could describe the events. But honestly why bother? I only decided to write this little commentary to warn people about this one. Avoid! It is not worth your time.  

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