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Review Midnight Killer a.k.a. Morirai a mezzanotte (1986)

genre: giallo, thriller

Midnight Killer is exactly what you would expect from Lamberto Bava. Full of suspense, thrills, twists, turns, red herrings. But also people (mostly women acting stupid. 

Now before I get branded a sexist I am referring to how the women are portrayed in the film. I am sure it is not their fault and they are following the instructions of the male chauvinist pig that is the director. Or maybe just maybe he thought he needed to portray them that way so that we as an audience would get involved in it. Who knows? And like it or not some women do act like portrayed so grow up!

Some of the victims act in such an illogical manner that at one point you begin to think. "Don't tell me she is that stupid. Go ahead, kill her already". The pace is really good and you are constantly wondering who the killer is. At one point you can deduce it for yourself. Although I must admit that Lamberto successfully made me doubt a couple of times. He uses some clever tricks to put you off the trail. And in this case I simply loved that. Of course the ending might be too far fetched for some especially since the explanation is fast and short. It did not matter to me since it was effective. 

Overall Midnight Killer is a very decent giallo that delivers.     

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