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Review Haywire (2011): Not completely bad but far from good!

genre: action, thriller, espionage

Here are some names for you:
Antonio Banderas, Ewan Mecgregor, Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum, Bill Paxton, director Steven Soderbergh and introducing Gina Carano.

Seeing these names you would think Haywire has more to offer than it did. While watching I kept waiting for it to become brilliant or at least more thrilling or exciting. The moment when it did the movie was already over. The plot is as simple as can be only it is depicted in a way that one might think this is the most intriguing story ever made. Everything is kept mysterious to build up suspense which was nice. Only that failed because prior to watching Haywire I had the misfortune to have seen the trailer months ago in which the whole plot was revealed in it's entirety. Honestly trailer creators or designer or whatever it is that you call yourselves, could you stop doing that and become creative again and not spoil the whole plot or even a part of it to kill my enjoyment before I watched the damn movie. Whatever happened to tease an audience into watching without spoiling? Any way so I kept waiting for brilliance and it never happened. Back to these big names. What is the point of having them when you don't use their talents. I don't care you made good movies in the past Steven Soderbergh. Any director who doesn't use talents like these to their potential is a bad one in my book. Gina Carano holds her own as the main character and was interesting to watch. Although I do think that most action scenes were filmed poorly. Maybe it was realistic they were going for. Please, realistic is raw and rough and much more exciting then rehearsed and choreographed action scenes. We all know it is fake, so why not make it more interesting. One scene where Gina gets chased in Dublin have a taste of what Haywire could have been. But it's the only decent one we get. Bill Paxton's look throughout the the little screen time he had says it all. Like he was thinking what on earth am I doing here? 

Overall not completely bad but far from good. It's too light on action, thrills, plot and acting. Does make you wonder why Steven Soderbergh made this one.


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