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Review Hell of the Living Dead (1980) a.k.a. Virus a.k.a. Night of the Zombies (1980): Zombie badness and cannibalism.

genre: horror

Hell of the Living Dead on the surface looks similar to other Italian zombie movies. Only it isn't. For one thing it seemed like the movie was made with one goal, which is to shock. Not by genuine thrills or story but by over the top gore. I don't mind gore, sometimes I love it. In this case it simply grossed me out. And I am not talking about the parts where zombies are eating intestines of people. That I could take. It were those scenes where apparently real stock footage was used and mixed with new involving some kind of dead ritual and cannibalism. Real or fake, it was gross. Like it wasn't enough to show people being eaten by zombies now we had to endure this as well. The story and acting is minimal and the characters are a bit uneven when it comes to intelligence. One minute they do something clever and the next they act so incredibly stupid that it is hard to take them seriously. But as strange as it might sound you won't really hate these characters. (note:one of them, Jose Gras resembles Lee Majors in his younger years. And for some reason that helped me making him like more) even when he is not supposed to be). You might have read or heard that Hell of the Living Dead is a blatant rip off of two classic zombie gems one being Dawn of the Dead and the other Zombie. Well, yes, that much is a given although this didn't bother me in the slightest. For the most part there is enough of an unique ambiance. Only don't expect too much especially when it comes to originality. Overall this zombie/cannibal movie is not the worst but it will require a high tolerance for gore and nastiness. Luckily this nastiness mostly is restricted in one big ritual scene that you can easily skip except from the part where the lady reporter suddenly realized she is an accomplished anthropologist and undresses herself and put some paint on her face to mingle with the tribe. It is one of the most hilarious things in the movie. Another hilarious moment also involving the reporter is at the ending which is so ridiculous and awesome at the same time. My advice check this one out if you really have seen all the zombie movies ever made.  

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