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Review Choy Lee Fut a.k.a. Cai Li fo a.k.a. Fight the Fight (2011)

genre:martial arts

Choy Li Fut is an actual martial arts style that exists. I never heard of it before. But reading about it on the internet was infinitely more interesting than watching this poor production. What were they thinking? And how did they manage to get Sammo Hung and Yuen Wah on board? They are martial arts legends. That in itself is more compelling. Ok. Sammo Hung is barely in it and seems to want his son Sammy Hung (main character) get all the attention. And that makes sense. Now I wasn't expecting a good film. Average with top notch action would have sufficed just as good. And with regret I have to inform that isn't the case. What puzzles me even more is that with this movie they had the chance to inform the viewer about this form of martial arts and really sell it. But they fail to do so. No real attempt is made. We simply are shown what you see in most similar movies. A few tedious training sequences, soap opera antics that absolutely nobody is waiting for. And fights so boring that I could not wait for them to be over. (I normally am capable of finding joy in poorly done action scenes. So what does this tell you?) There was one redeeming factor though. A short dream like sequence where Sammo Hung and Yeun Wah fight each other. Much too short but far better than all the other fights in Choy Lee Fut combined. I will end this review with a quote used in this movie:

Don't look too long or you will get nightmares.

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