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Review Goon (2011): Feel good movie with an excellent Sean William Scott!

 genre: comedy, sports, feel good

Goon surprised me. Or actually Sean William Scott did. He was nothing short of amazing as a man who knows he is not smart and limited in what he can achieve. So when he is offered to use his fists in Hockey he gladly takes this chance of a lifetime. Forget the overly violent scenes. And look at Sean's Character Doug. You would have expected some thug on and off the ice. But he is polite and gentle. There is a sincerity there that you can't ignore. Maybe to some Goon is a dime in a dozen. Only I thought there was quite a  depth hidden in this obviously feel good movie. It does require you to stomach the violence and some clichés. The interaction between Liev Schreiber and Sean William Scott was almost perfect. Two guys knowing their limitations with the utmost respect for each other and not a single ounce of hate. Yes, their fight is bloody. But they are willing and able to bleed for their team. 

Maybe not the typical sports comedy most people would have expected. In stead you get a movie that provides laughs, a little drama, romance and most of all heart. A must watch! 

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