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Review Body Heat (1981)

genre: film noir, thriller

The overall pace is right and takes it time to build up tension. William Hurt is a flawed lawyer who loves his women and at times seems incompetent. Or it could be that he simply is lazy or burned out. It never gets discussed. When his character Ned Racine meets Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner) he is stricken with her. First pure lust then slowly it becomes more. You can hardly blame the guy since Kathleen is incredibly sexy in this movie. To reveal the story further would be spoiling. Part of the charm of Body Heat is not knowing what the movie is about. But the acting in Body Heat is top notch. Ted Danson as the dancing prosecutor makes an impression even when he only has a few scenes. Same goes for Mickey Rourke who has only two scenes. But talk about coolness. Now it could be that if you are an avid thriller fan the plot could seem familiar. That should hardly be surprising since this movie is inspired by Double Indemnity (1944). And both movies have been copied a numerous times. Only it does not matter since Body Heat relies more than plot alone. The acting, the atmosphere and the direction make it more unique. So definitely worth watching.

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