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Review Ghosthouse (1988)

genre: horror

Ghosthouse is proof of how effective a musical score or sound can add to creepiness in a horror movie. Even when everything else is flawed in it. One of the strongest points is this nursery rhyme that once you hear it can't get out of your head at least for the duration of the movie. Imagine the effect when you hear it each time something bad happens. Multiply that with the relentless gore that comes after hearing this antagonizing tune. And if that isn't enough. Clowns. Yes. You read it. There is a clown involved. To be exact a clown doll. Not that it matters much since one look at this doll surely would have been enough for me to leave the house. (Comes to the big old question, why on Earth would people remain in a house that proves them again and again is not safe to be in? I know that this is some unwritten movie rule. At least some movies try to give some sort of explanation.) That in a nutshell is what Ghosthouse is. No need to focus on bad acting and almost non existing plot. Here is a director that knows the importance of basics in horror film making. So do give Ghosthouse a chance!   

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