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Review Curse of Ursula (1978): You won't believe what the murder weapon is!

genre: giallo, softcore

The first thing you will hear or read that Curse of Ursula is sleazy. Not hard to imagine with the abundance of boobs, full frontal nudity and simulated sex scenes. Even when the scenes featured beautiful and sexy people especially the women they were hardly arousing. But to call that sleazy or dirty? That is not how I would describe it. For the most part it's tastefully done. My problem with the sex scenes is that they are absolutely useless. In fact they get in the way of the mystery. The only significance of the sex scenes is knowing at the end one person usually the woman ends up dead. While these people are getting busy there is one person who observes them and waits to strike. At first it seemed like there were two persons. One who is watching and one doing the actual killing which would make it very interesting and disturbing. But this seems to be poor direction and camera work. All you can see is these eyes and the way it is filmed could lead to the interpretation I had. The method of killing is incredibly interesting and is one you will have to see to believe. Let's just say that is one of the most ineffective weapons of all time. But a hilarious one. This is the second problem I had. No matter how hard you try. After having witnessed this you can't take this movie seriously. Sure I wanted to know what brilliant device they would come up with since it was pretty obvious to me. The optimist in me wanted to give the writers and the director the benefit of a doubt and hoped they would surprise me. And they failed miserably. Another problem is that for some odd reason the director thinks he can fool us. He is distracting us with beautiful shots of the scenery (Amalfi, Italy) to misdirect the viewer's attention. The fact that one character is clearly psychotic destroys this misdirection. Curse of Ursula is not boring but incredibly silly and a very poor giallo. Although it is not the worst I have seen.

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