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Review The strange vice of Mrs. Wardh a.k.a. Blade of the Ripper (1971): Very good plot based giallo!

genre: giallo

Very good plot based giallo. It may seem sleazy at one point. Although the sex scenes are very tastefully done with barely revealing anything except for some boobs and bottoms. And these scenes actually serve a purpose. The lovely Edwige Fenech who looks hauntingly beautiful has the tendency to be attracted to really bad boys. Because only they can satisfy her needs.Hence the strange vice of Mrs. Wardh. Of course this has some consequences for her. One of them is this unknown killer chasing her. The murders for the most part are subtle with here and there a little blood. This movie shows how to properly use misdirections which provide some wonderful surprises and thus making this a thrilling affair. Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh is stylish but a little low key compared to most which does work in it's favour since it keeps the viewers attention to the plot. Then there is this beautiful musical score. Another good example of how music can enhance the viewing experience. Go watch this giallo classic as soon as possible. Preferably now!

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