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Review Night of the Living Dead (1968): Without doubt a horror classic that needs to be seen by many!

genre: horror

When looking for some footage and images in the public domain area I came across a site that had Night of the Living Dead marked as public domain. Which surprised me. Then it dawned on me that I never actually saw this original. I did see the remake (1990 version) and the sequel Dawn of the Dead (1978) which I loved. But naturally it was time to remedy this and watch it. And I have to admit that for a movie made in 1968 it still is an incredible horror movie. That it featured one of the most sympathetic and smartest heroes who also happens to be the first African American actor to have such a role is even more impressive. Duane Jones brought some sophistication to a character that you rarely see in these types of movies.Of course you can't escape the typical clich├ęs that have plagued horror movies ever since they have come in existence. Although in here it enhanced the coolness of the hero so it was effective. Did not stop me from screaming at the hysterical Barbara. To be honest I was not expecting gory or bloody scenes. Yet there were a few present. However the real shocker was the ending. Nothing prepared me for it and felt immense grief. 

Without doubt a horror classic that needs to be seen by many.     

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