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Review Sint a.k.a. Saint (2010): O.G. Original Santa is out for blood!

genre: horror, slasher, comedy

It seems to me that most of the reviewers have missed the point. That there was none. This movie is simply out to entertain. It is not one of those kinds that depend on a chilling story or strong characters. (Although there were some sequences that were quite thrilling). It simply is a slasher movie based on a classic myth and still grand celebration in the Netherlands of the original St. Nicolas. Sinterklaas (O.G. Santa if you will). It is supposed to be over the top. Bad acting, bad dialog, not very likable characters, and lots of lots of (CGI) blood and gore. To expect more will surely lead to disappointment. Everybody familiar with Dick Maas' previous work could have expected this. Since it is far from a stretch even when this production is more leaning towards a comedy. And his comedies weren't exactly of the subtle and clever kind. Maybe not completely on par with Dead Snow and Rare exports (which can be debated) it sure does provide the same amount of entertainment.

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