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Review The Night Evelyn Came Out Of Her Grave (1971): Oozes with style, certainly worth watching!

genre: giallo

Probably one of the most misleading posters ever. It gives the impression it will be a gory affair. And that is not the case. Sure there are killings, blood and what not. But all done in a stylish and clean manner. As clean as murder can be anyway. "The Night Evelyn Came Out Of Her Grave" (Yes, with capital letters!) is a giallo. One of the best genres in the world of Cinema as we know it. Mystery, horror, thrills, style and sex are the main ingredients in most giallo's as in this title. Boobs a plenty. But don't let that distract you from the fact that this movie has much more to offer. It's filled with sinister and creepy moments that after so many years are still effective. As most giallos The Night Evelyn Came Out Of Her Grave oozes with style. That is why it is a bit of a shame that the direction and editing was sloppy. Some scenes are cut in a way that it not always flows well and that it can get confusing if you are trying to follow the story. Although it could have been an attempt in being clever to misdirect the viewer. And to an extent it does help the climax. I loved the misdirections in this movie. They do work and provide the surprises that make me love this genre so much. Certainly worth watching! Be sure to check out the slightly superior The Red Queen Kills Seven Times (1972) from the same director.

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