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Review Dark Waters (1993): Lovecraftian themes can't save this movie!

genre: horror

Remote Island, creepy atmosphere, beautiful women (Louise Salter, Venera Simmons) mystery, death and killer nuns. What's not to love? For one thing Dark Waters is too slow. Don't get me wrong I love Italian horror and know some of them are slow. Which is not always bad since some directors use it to build up tension. And most of the time there is a pay off for sitting through the whole movie. Dark Waters has none of that. A lot of events are not impressive or interesting apart from two or three scenes. There are very few surprises and the ending was a little bit predictable. Especially if you know that the director Mariano Baino is a fan of H.P. Lovecraft. And Lovecraftian themes are overly present. What's the problem then? Well, Dark Waters lacked real suspense. There was never a sense of dread. Things just happened only to move the story  forward. Particularly the action of the nuns were so random and illogical in context to the conclusion. Overall it is a nice attempt and maybe appealing to some. Although I can't recommend this one.

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