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Review All the Colors of the Dark (1972): Good giallo!

genre: giallo

Psychedelic Horror? In parts yes. Or we could just call it a giallo. Because that is basically what it is. The psychedelic elements are there but only serve as misdirection or red herring for the plot. At times some of the sequences are simply a little unbelievable. Especially when it is implied there is a chance that what we see on the screen could not be happening to the main character for real. Since she is suffering from perhaps childhood trauma and the loss of her child. The opening nightmare scene is clearly proof of that. Throughout the movie there are other events not as intense as the opening although weird enough to suggest that it simply can't be real. Although that is credit to the beautiful lead, Edwige Fenech. She is convincing as the vulnerable woman who is taken advantage of. It gets to you when she is being chased or is in the middle of these strange cult meetings. And you see her displaying doubt. She has trouble trusting herself. So the viewer is taken on a journey where we are confronted by some weird people and even weirder events. A blue eyed Richard Chamberlain look alike (talk about creepy), Marina Malfatti showing cleavage again (although that is not such a bad thing I have to admit) talking in riddles, a sister that is magically composed all the time, her boyfriend George Hilton who seems to downplay her anxiety and thinks he can help her by giving some pills that make the water turn blue (would you trust someone like that?) and the bearded cult leader who thinks he is a vampire and drinks blood of puppies he just slain in some very sick ritual. Was that really necessary? Yes, some scenes are out there although it does make us care for Edwige Fenech's character even more. The ending is a bit messy as if the director did not know what ending to choose and decided to put them all in. And luckily for him it is effective for the most part. Overall this is a good giallo only don't expect too much of the psychedelic elements on which the poster puts emphasis on.

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