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Review The Grey (2012)

genre: action, drama, thriller

The less you know about The Grey the better. Although I can say that there are quite some tense and thrilling moments. 

However this is not a thriller, horror or action movie. (Don't worry there is plenty of adventure and action only at it's most basic level). If I had to describe it then survival drama would be best. It's man against nature. Although one could look at it from a psychological perspective and say it is man against himself. The ending is one that will be discussed by many because it is that type of ending. Whether you will like the ending or not in this case it is the journey to that ending that counts. Liam Neeson is perfectly cast as the survivor. He is not some super man but he is believable enough as someone who can do things when he is forced to it.

Just don't expect deep philosophical ideas on life and death or realism since The Grey is fiction and pure entertainment nothing more nothing less.   

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