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Review Final Episode (8.6) Hustle + Review Hustle (2004 - 2012)

genre: crime, comedy, drama

This episode was excellent. Exactly how Hustle should have been throughout all the seasons. Ever since season 5 Hustle wasn't quite the same and had been a bit repetitive with only a few episodes showing the brilliance from the earlier seasons. Not only do the characters get a proper send off (with room for them to come back in a movie or something). There are also a few surprises for the fans that elevated the events even more. The finale was just as clever, slick and stylish as the first episode was. What better way could you ask for a show to end.

Review Hustle (2004 - 2012):

This show is just wonderful. Every episode you will be surprised. Most of the episodes have twists and turns you will not expect even when you expect them. The strength of this show are the characters. They are really likable and that's why we don't mind them conning people who deserve it. The music and ambiance add to the whole experience. I like the breaking the fourth wall moments  when one of the characters make contact with the viewer. This is often done very stylishly when they freeze the image and explain something. Or by winking at us. This way you really feel part of the plot or that you are part of the crew. The humour also plays a big part and keep matters light. Even when there is a lot of comedy there is also room for drama. Now I have to admit in later seasons the balance was a little off but I guess they felt like they had to. I did miss some character development. We do get to know the characters just enough so we know what they are capable of. But there is almost no background. I have seen some episodes where their background came to hunt them. So I think not telling everything is done on purpose to offer us some surprise however I felt on occasion they could have gone a little deeper into exploring and show us why they had their code. The use of special effects Matrix  style  is not something you will expect in a crime drama like this, but Hustle oozes pop culture and style. Every episode felt like a mini movie. Exciting plot, a lot of humour, drama, incredible camera work and visuals, great characters and almost always a twist ending . Even when the viewer thinks he knows everything they give another spin on things which very often is very brilliant done. If you did not have the pleasure before to watch Hustle then I recommend this wholeheartedly since it is a lot of fun and you will enjoy it! 

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