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Review Columbus Circle (2012): Adequate thriller!

genre: thriller

Very adequate thriller. Maybe a little predictable and little slow at first. But once events get going it manages to hold your interest. Even when it seems obvious how certain things will play out there is this dimension of ambiance added that could make you doubt for a few moments. One example is the main character played by Selma Blair. She adds mystery and unpredictability to a character that otherwise might have been a little dull. Which does make Columbus Circle thrilling at times. However there are no real substantial plot twists once you know what is going on. Which is a missed opportunity because it could have made this decent thriller into a brilliant one. All the goods and actors were there. And the actors like Selma Blair do make the most of their characters. Only without the material to support it like having a real surprising plot it is kind of redundant. Jason Lee seems to be having the best role (which is a blast to see BTW) but also far too underused. All in all this is the perfect movie to watch on a Sunday evening (like I did). 

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