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Review The Adventures of Tintin (2011): Old school adventuring at it's best!

genre: animation, action, adventure

From what I read on IMDB.com The adventures of Tintin is something you will either hate or love. Only a few could find a middle ground. Most of them are purists who love the comics and don't stand for any change to their beloved Tintin and co. But that could be because most of them that responded are long time Tintin fans. I do understand the criticism as I have seen many movie adaptations butcher many of the memories of books or comic books I loved to read. Still I have learned to adapt to it (most of the time) . I understand that when adapting or translating a book or comic book it could require a few changes to be implemented since otherwise it won't work for that medium. In that case one should always look at the spirit of the book. And ladies and gentleman as someone who has read the Tintin comics I can safely say that the spirit is totally intact. There were some comments that HergĂ© would turn over in his grave. I do doubt he would. I think he would have understood that cinema and comic books are different mediums and therefore would not mind a few changes. In all honestly I think most people haven't given celluloid Tintin a fair chance. From start to finish the movie was incredibly entertaining. Yes, it was a little light on intrigue. But I am sure of it they will remedy that in the sequel (Yes, there will be a sequel. It's in development hell right now. But Peter Jackson has promised us it's still coming). I remember reading the comic books which were full of thrills and tension. And that is exactly what you got in when viewing the movie. It was a delight to see Snowy in action. He actually is the useful sidekick and just as big as a hero Tintin is as they save and rely each other like the good friends they are. So some scenes were a bit over the top. But come on, since when is it not allowed to have a little fun. The Tintin comic books also were tongue in cheek. The adventures of Tintin is what the comic books were. Full of adventure, action and thrills.   

So do try to keep an open mind as this film offers you old school adventuring at it's best.

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