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Review Machine Gun Preacher (2011)

genre: action, drama

Machine Gun Preacher is a nick name given to a real life person named Sam Childers. He is an ex biker that has led full of crime, sex and violence. Until he found God and became a Christian. Through his Church he becomes a witness of atrocious crimes in Uganda which opened his eyes and changed his life even more and decided he wanted to do something and fight for the children in Uganda. Machine Gun Preacher shows us fragments of that life and how. With movies similar to this they build it up and ease you into it. Not the case here. Make no mistake this movie is hard hitting, explicit and relentless. It will be quite gruesome for some. Which is extremely effective. Because this way people will become more aware of what is going on in countries like Uganda. Not hearing about it in the news any more does not mean it is happening. Of course this movie has it's flaws. The movie skips on details which is understandable only with result that other characters barely have substance. The political situation in Uganda is oversimplified and has us believe it is a simple case of good versus evil. However I did not mind since Machine Gun Preacher does give out a powerful message of hope. And in my book that is always OK! I must admit that I watched this movie because of Gerard Butler. I have no clue if his portrayal of Sam Childers is accurate. But (at least) for the duration of the movie Sam Childers is a person to be admired. Good movie!     

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