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Review Bunraku (2010): Style over substance!

genre: action, martial arts

There is no doubt about it. Bunraku is style over substance.It can be best described as a comic book style Western where guns have been replaced with swords and hand to hand combat. What little story there is reminded me of the one used in animation series Afro Samurai (2007). Which also stars (voice) Ron Perlman  in a very similar role. That can't be a coincidence. So what does Bunraku have to offer? Action. Lots of it. Although I have to be frank here. There were only a few times that they were real exciting, just lacking that punch that was needed. Was it bad? No, let's say it was interesting enough to make you keep watching. If I had to use a word then it would be reasonable. That could be said of the whole movie though. If the style or action were convincing or God forbid had substance than it could have been so much  more. The cast was pretty good. Besides any production involving Gackt is worth seeing. If only his role was bigger. Don't expect real thrills or drama or whatever could intensify the action. Simply see it as a live action comic book with an average story.   

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