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Review Happy Feet 2: We all could use these happy feet.

genre: animation, adventure

Happy Feet 2 delivered on so many levels that I simply could not believe to read so many negative comments on IMDB.com. Some commenter even made a remark towards the two Krills. Voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. I must have missed something or to me it wasn't that big of a deal but apparently there was a hint or suggestion that the two were gay. And people got offended because it felt like imposing liberal views. Believe me when I say that this so called hint or suggestion is incredible subtle and does leave room to be interpreted in so many other ways. There was nothing offensive about it. I  was like, come on... Lighten up!  It's a sequel to an animation movie about dancing penguin. Sorry for my little rant here but I have a very low tolerance when it comes to ignorance. Coming back to the actual review. There was an extremely high cuteness factor, comedy, thrills, action,song and dance, beautiful animation and drama. (What more do you want?) Maybe a bit too much drama for some.  But seeing how it ended it was very fitting. It reminded me of the classic disaster movies where obstacles had to overcome. And when they did it was like the best feeling ever. In that aspect it was a very old fashioned approach. (Yes people, nothing wrong with loving a feel good movie.) Unlike the first movie  the hints towards the environment issues we face today were far more subtle and less darker. For someone who dislikes musicals I was loving this one. At least a lot of the songs made sense and served a purpose. Happy Feet 2 entertained me from the minute it started until the finish. And that is saying something because only a few movies have been able to do that in 2011. So please ignore the bad reviews, you won't regret it.

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