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Review The Challenge (1982)

genre: action, martial arts

The Challenge is one of the these rare movies that does not disappoint and still is worth watching today. Then how come we never heard of this movie? It delivers on solid action, a little intrigue and a taste of Japanese culture. The acting by the whole cast is good. Scot Glenn is incredibly sympathetic in this movie and also very believable as an action hero. Ok. The story is a bit on the simplistic side but has a nice pace. And as always it does not matter since the focus is clearly on action. The swordplay and Scot Glenn a la Jackie Chan (using everything he could gets his hands on to get the upper hand) is a delight to see. Real mystery why this production (especially since Steven Seagal did the choreography for the sword fighting and John Frankenheimer did the direction) fell under the radar. One of the better action movies made in the early eighties!

Maybe now it makes more sense of why they chose Scott Glenn as Stick in Daredevil:

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