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Review Pilot episode Touch (2012)

It is good to see Kiefer Sutherland in a somewhat vulnerable role as a father struggling to raise his mute son who apparently because he is autistic or something like that. And of course this boy has an amazing ability. He can see patterns and connections in time and space between events and people and what not.To broad or vague,well of course because this way the writers (Tim Kring,creator Heroes) will have more room within the premise). But basically it comes down to that the boy can see in the future.However the focus seems to be the connections between the people all over the world tied to this event which looks like it is going to be different each episode.And no doubt that there will be some arch about a huge event that will reveal itself later on. While I appreciated these connections, in the pilot episode it didn't convince me.The people we met in this episode were connected through this magic mobile phone (it never ran out of battery and the characters for some very convenient reason did not hold on to it and in stead helped the phone on it's journey.Naturally! because we humans are always willing to help a lost and innocent mobile phone).Forgive me I could not help myself. But you must admit after reading this that a little sarcasm is justified. So suspension of disbelief is required from the viewer right off the bat. Now here comes the really strange part. I actually enjoyed this episode.With all it's flaws and irregular pace I was able to get into the drama and the intentions behind it.Kiefer Sutherland is a good actor with a wide range (from classical good guys to always interesting villains) who has to shake off his Jack Bauer (24) persona. Since that is what he currently is known for the best.And he does deliver his role the best he can do with the material that is given to him. While not extraordinary in this pilot episode he does have the star power to make the show more than it is.  Although I am a little sceptical  that Touch (2012) will last a whole season.For that to happen they will have to improve the writing significantly.Dammit,there is only so much Kiefer can do! Overall it is worth watching provided it does improve.  

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