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A poem from AngeliqueD

Riddle me this...

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy.

Boy loves girl, girl loves boy.

The future bright, the birds smiling and singing.
The future is written in gold, hand in hand we hold the pen.
This is the ultimate dream, finally real and meant to be.
Being happy was all we got, being happy was all that we needed.
I learned about the top of the world, he took me there.
He held me so high, he made me so high.
If this was love, it was greater than life.
Hearts beating as one, lifes living as one.
I cried tears which I never wanted to end.
I cried tears of joy, every tear devoted to you.
The end of my life would not be sad, I had him to hold my hand.
We would live our life in love together.
We would die in love together.
Does that sound silly? Does that sound childish? Well, it sure was real once upon a time.

The story continues...

Something changed, everything changed.

Light became dark, dark became black.

Boy hates girl, girl loves boy.
The sun turned to rain, the rain turned to hail.
The birds stopped singing, the birds attacked.
The future was bruised, the future was dishonoured.
The dream was beaten, the dream was abused.
Boy imprisoned girl, girl loves boy.
The pen stopped writing in gold, the pen started writing in red.
The dream became a nightmare, so real, was this meant to be?
Who was holding my hand? Who did this? Why?
The strong arm stretched its arms to hold me. Please hold me.
Never let go. The cage is guarded by boys in blue.
Honey, what has happened to you?
The bars are seperating us, I hate you, I love you.
Leave me alone, please hold me again.
I hope you will burn in hell, I will forgive you.
Do not touch me anymore, kiss me one more time.
The law has saved me, but my wings are bruised.
I will never fly again.
And what is worse,
One foot is in the dirt that you left me in.
The other foot is forever held by guilt and embarrassment.
Eyes are blind, ears are deaf, heart is shut down forever.

Boy left girl, girl loves boy.

Riddle me why?
Turn it upside down, invert it, reverse it. How is it possible to love somebody you are suppose to hate?

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