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Is it possible to have too many mail friends or penpals?

Lately I have been struggling in writing to my my mail friends. Why? To be honest, because I lost touch with some of them because of being too busy and maybe too focused on the newer friends I made. I think this is one of the dangers of online friendships. It is relatively easy to make friends. But maintaining them requires just as much attention as in real life. Trust me that I am doing my best. Still I can't be the only one contacting friends. Friends should also take initiative themselves. Still, I am not blaming myself or others. It is part of these kinds of friendships I guess.

Edit 14-03-2013:
Seems like maintaining friendships online is even harder than it is in real life. I have noticed that for some it has been a way to pass time and that they never have the intention to make new friends. So they basically tell you all kinds of things that might be true or not to keep things interesting. And when they get bored they dismiss you as easily as they started "the friendship". Most of the time you will be busy filtering out the trustworthy ones and even then you are not quite sure if it will last or not. Then there is the fact that there can be a lot of miscommunication because for example one can't read the tone of a certain message that is written. Is it worth the hassle then to engage these online friendships. Well, yes, if you are patient enough that one friend will pass by that will make you forget about the fake ones or less serious ones. 

Edit 25-05-2016:
It's funny to read back some of the things I had on my mind back then. While I still agree with some of what I have stated I do think that it is all relative once you realize who you can count on and who not. 

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