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People loving a country other than their own

"I have to say I sure came across some interesting people online"

Before I begin I want to say that I am not the most chauvinistic person around. Still I am realistic, sometimes you simply have to  accept that the country you born in is your country. Even while some groups don't like you living there. Or that you don't agree with the government and their policy. Especially in that case is it necessary to stay put and also let your voice be heard. The voice of opposition to policy is just as important. Besides every time fleeing or leaving a country when someone doesn't want to comply is not an option. Since there would not be many people left.

Any way, I wanted to talk about something I noticed on two social networking sites I had been a member of a long time ago. There were these people who had a special love for a certain country without ever having been there. I do understand that one can be impressed by reading about it and imagining that it must be wonderful. But not the fact of absolutely loving a country where they never have set foot. I can hardly grasp that concept. What was the saying again: "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". I have seen people having a preference for a certain country because they want to learn a certain language. That is actually quite an effective way of learning a new language. But having a preference for people from a certain nationality is simply crazy. At least in my opinion. On these pen pal sites you see some only talking to the people of that specific country. There is this guy from India who only seems to be speaking to women of Germany. And there is this woman who seems to be into Indian men. On the one hand I find this fascinating on the other hand I find it quite strange that one tries to decide which person they will be with. Again it's fine to have a preference. But so distinct?

What about love. Is it not known by these people that love doesn't care what your preference is. In a way they are limiting themselves cause this way they dismiss their future husband or wife or future friends. Just a thought!

Edit (25-05-2014): Why limit yourself? Broaden your horizon. Get to know as many people as you can (if you want to of course) and explore the world. Who knows what you might find and who knows what you end up liking or disliking. It is one of those aspects that make life very interesting. Besides running away from problems or issues is not automatically going to solve them. 

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