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Empty profiles on social media!

Oh the things younger self would get all worked up about! Of course older me is much more mature and carefree. Although I do think younger me has a point. What do you think? Please let me know! That is in case you found your way to this old post of mine.

Recently (edit: well at that time I was now much less so, but still one of my annoyances) I have been noticing that on a lot of social media sites like mailfriends.com (a site that does not exist any more) that there are too many profiles that have no picture or description of any kind. Of course it is going to be assumed that these are mostly scammers. Still I have seen profiles from people who have been members for a long time and do log on regularly. I understand the need for anonymity. And that you should be careful using your own picture(s). Now more than ever since scammers are in full effect to the maximum. I think that is very wise and if one is ready and trusts someone enough that person will find a way to show him or herself to the other. I am more referring to the  part of describing yourself. To mention stuff about yourself that others could relate to or might find interesting to talk about. Isn't the whole point of a social network site to make contact with others and wouldn't that be easier once you know a little more about that person. Why bother coming to these sites anyway if someone can't even write down simple things like hobbies or something?

And while I am on the subject of the profiles on social media. Why do some people choose to lie about who they are? Is it really surprising that some don't want to remain in contact when they found out that parts of who you are have been false? You would think that if you are active on these sites that you are looking for potential friends. I mean why tell someone for example that you are bubbly (I dislike this word with a passion btw) or cheerful and then every time when you talk to this person it feels like you are stuck in some tragedy. Or why lie about your age? Not that it always matters that much but still sometimes it does make a difference. What possesses someone to pretend to be 30 and then turns out to be 50? I mean that is a huge gap and can be really awkward in case something more is going on than just friendship. Doesn't always have to be the case but it is something that is significant. Sure certain matters about yourself can be private and you aren't obligated to talk about them if you don't want to. I am more talking about characteristics and all the things that define and colour you. Pretty important for getting to know one another don't you think?

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