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The MF Gods! (mailfriends.com) / A good example of internet drama. It really doesn't matter one bit. But how easy it is to get caught in it.

" Internet drama for your enjoyment "

Edit 25-05-2014. 
To censor yourself or not to censor yourself. It is very easy to edit or remove posts if you think it is flawed. But why should one do so. If you had this thought at that time because back then your knowledge and experience was lacking a bit or simply didn't know. Isn't it good then to show the progress you have made? If not for others would it not be helpful to see for yourself that you have. I think it is a good thing. Also I think my past dealings with certain mods is still very much a current topic as I have discovered there are enough sites where people have lost sight of what their site should be about. Have fun reading!

Edit March 12, 2012. 
A lot has happened and I thought it was needed to add a final note on article underneath. To me this whole social networking was very new and mailfriends.com could be intense at times. Mostly because it was relatively easy to get into contact with people and it was more intimate than similar sites. However at the time when I became a member on that site it was clear to me that there were a few elements present that made the site less appealing. There were some members who thought they owned the site.And in a way they did.They used the site in such a manner that would not be tolerated on other pen pal sites. This was possible for several reasons but the most important one was lack of participation of the owner and the administrator. mailfriends.com is no more and those people are spread out or have made their own site. Will this provide a change for the better or will it start all over again? Only time can tell. To me reading back the articles on MF are amusing now since it is all so relative. It was an experience in a long list of experiences yet to come. And some of them already have surpassed the MF experience.  

Old article:
On Mailfriends.com the moderators think they are God. Yes, a very bold statement. But in my experience with these mods have mostly been annoying and downright aggravating. They simply go beyond what they are there for. The tasks that they have to focus on are not being done. How could it. Since they keep busy arguing amongst themselves and complaining how members are there to condemn or crucify them. Here is an example of what ticks me off.

Stickied topics: Please use them!

This is for all the people who create AND answer in topics that already have stickied "homes": Please don't. It will be really appreciated if people would stop creating new threads related to topics such as getting American penpals or travelling in the US. Because in the past such topics had been so numerous, and most of them ended up at the bottom of the list where they weren't seen again, we created the two sticky topics. However, people keep making new ones, clogging the channel at times or pushing down other topics that do not get the privileged space this two enjoy. Those who answer those topics are not doing any favors, because eventually the threads will be locked and move down, and others who could benefit from the comments will likely not see them. I am also going to lock this one because it is not meant to be one to comment on. Periodically I may unlock it to bump it if I feel the message needs to be seen again. In the meantime, however, it will be really appreciated if new members take a look at the topics being held up by the red pins (at top of list), and others contribute in a positive manner to this community by refraining from answering those threads. (Added note: Please remember, as it has always been, you are always free to PM mods to ask about this or any other thread.) In order for *all* community members to enjoy and benefit from this site in various ways, *all* need to take part in making it happen. If you are a newbie, look around! There is a lot to see; don't be afraid to click on something and check it out. Avoid the urge to rush through the process of posting; this way you can see if it is in the right spot. Slow down and enjoy the site and take the time to be part of it in the give and take. People will notise, and it will surely be a lot more fun and rewarding.

"Since this topic was closed I could not respond to it. I simply had questions about what stickied homes, red pins meant? OK. So I was being enormously critical and did not like her patronizing tone. It is fine to suggest something but to make a problem out of something that is no problem seems to far fetched to me. I understand her reasoning, but not the way she goes about it. Also I did add in the post of mine that she could concern herself more with the removal of spam so that the posts of real people would get more exposure."

Of course they removed this post and here is her message:

As the non newbie you stress that you are, you should know very well then that creating a thread in order to argue about a topic is unproductive, uncalled for and not allowed. If you have questions, or even you disagree, you are free to PM a mod at any time to ask or state your case. The thread you have created is nothing more than starting an argument and an invitation to others to jump on the bandwagon to continue it. And whether you see it or not, it is much more a turn off to those, especially newbies, as what you critisise (How can you trust a mod who can't spell properly?). I went out of my way to keep my comments positive and encouraging, whereas yours is nothing more than argument with no justification and unreasonable expectations. I wonder why it is that people like you feel like they have to start a thread to belittle and condemn someone instead of just asking a simple question. I would have been happy to tell you where the red pins are if you had asked, but to be honest, you do not seem interested in this. To me it seems your main objective is an argument--because you do in fact have a choice, as opposed to what you claim, but you CHOSE not to exercise that option. As such I am going to delete your thread. As always, you are free to direct questions in PM.

My response:

I simply am representing a voice that is not uncommon for members on MF. I do find it strange that for a topic that concerns all the members people can't respond to it. That is very unusual.My response: I simply am representing a voice that is not uncommon for members on MF. I do find it strange that for a topic that concerns all the members people can't respond to it. That is very unusual. And the fact that you think know how people will respond to it simply already acknowledges what most moderators on this site have been accused of. There was nothing wrong with my post yet you do seem to think so. I do want to point out that you use terms a lot of people really have no clue what you are talking about. Is it that hard to define those terms so that any body can understand. You do assume a lot. Don't. You don't know what my point was. You would be surprised to see how much I agreed with your point. However I don't like your patronizing tone. Just talk in a normal fashion and you will get a much better result out of me and others. Good day to you!

As you can see there was no legitimate reason for the moderator to be like this. But this is but one example of how the mods are on this site. Did I mention the numerous spam posts that remain there for days and days which is one of the tasks for such a mod. 

For now I will leave this like it is. But I am sure there will be a follow up. 

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