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Review Source Code

genre: thriller, science fiction

While the premise sounds new and does have the potential of becoming very intriguing it sadly never gets past predictability. People like me who love science fiction will immediately recognize the similarities to a show called Quantum Leap. The nod to this wonderful series with Scott Bakula (star of Quantum Leap) playing the father was nice. But at the same time it showed how very flawed the plot of Source Code was. The scene was nice and strong only did feel like a rehash of a scene Scott Bakula had in one of the episodes which was so much better. Throughout the movie I felt it was like a rehash of something which was done before and much better. Not that the movie wasn't entertaining. But it sure lacked the depth and intrigue that could have made it a far more compelling watch.Sure the tech talk might be confusing and maybe will give the impression that it is complex.And it could have been if they added some layers into the story. Only it never does. Well,not in a way that it will surprise you.The acting is decent. Source Code could have used more spectacle though.Now it seemed like a production made for television.And there is nothing wrong with that.But I have seen better ones with more cinematic value that never got the recognition Source Code is having. Movie for a rainy Sunday!

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