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Review Priest (2011): The vampire killing one!

genre: action, fantasy, horror

For once I do agree with the rating given on IMDB.com. I always pride myself to prove the general consensus wrong  and in this case I wasn't able to. While I hate to admit it this movie seems to be lacking too much for it too become a good movie. The premise in itself is thin. The story is incredible empty if there is even a story. And with barely a story there are too many scenes where it seems to be dragging. Paul Bettany does his best to be bad ass. And he almost managed it. (You really have to give credit to the guy doing so much with so very little.) But there weren't many scenes for him to pull that of. (Shame on you director Scott Stewart. Who? Exactly! He did direct Legion though and I really enjoyed that one.) Yes, the action scenes were the most fun. Only there weren't that many of them. It felt like the editor misplaced or lost some essential scenes and replaced them by stills or paranormal views hoping that nobody would notice. Or if the director really intended the movie to play out like it did then he should be ashamed.One small highlight though, the vampires are very different creatures from the vampire we are familiar to. They were quite menacing. Only also quite underused. A film like this begs to go overboard with it's action and mayhem and Priest is too reserved and minimal. It is like the director wanted to direct a serious film for once and thought he could convince everyone that was able to. You failed Scott Stewart. Overall "Priest" is most suited for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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