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Review Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

genre: science fiction, adventure, drama, comedy




The Final Frontier is general being regarded as the weakest in the franchise. Honestly, I think people are being too harsh on this film. I personally dug what it was going for. It's actually dealing with a topic most people can relate to plus it's exactly what an original Star Trek episode would be about. 

It's one that always makes me smile when I watch it. I guess I liked the comradery between the OG Star Trek crew and how once again they have to fight all the odds stacked against them. Like The Voyage Home, this one has more comedy than the first three parts and very much enhances the viewing experience. The camping scene with Kirk, Spock and Bones is delightful. Their chemistry is what will draw you in. But next to them you have Scotty and Uhura doing more than in previous films. Especially Uhura is not afraid to show her sexy side.

This part is less procedural and more adventure. One could argue whether that is a good or bad thing. But to me, this film still holds up, I wonder if I can say the same about Star Trek: Generation's. So for me this definitely is not the weakest. It's so much fun. Especially, if you compare this to Reboot Star Trek and recent shows. 

A must watch if you ask me!


The first time I watched The Undisovered Country I was on the edge of my seat. From start to finish it was a thrill ride full of suspense and action. It's so obvious this is an allegory to the Cold War. And shows quite excellent how hard it is to reconcile with former enemies.

Since the film focuses on the mystery elements you can understand that this will detract from the experience on multiple viewings. That is the nature of the beast and sometimes one shouldn't make a big deal about this as long as the film does have other things to offer. I am happy to declare that this is the case. It also shows how easily one can misinterpret cultural differences but that despite these differences in the grand scheme of things we are more alike than we like to admit. Sadly, this topic is still at play today, In that regard, Star Trek has always been quite topical. So there was never a need to change this and take it to the next level like they have done currently.

I would say that this film is a proper send off for the old crew. So yes, definitely worth your time. And I can't state this enough. Million years better than any part that came after, including Star Trek: First Contact.

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