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Review Black Cat II a.k.a. The Assassination of President Yeltsin a.k.a. Hak mau II: Chi saat Yip Lai Hing (1992): Better than the original!

genre: girls with guns, action, crime

Black Cat II is a direct sequel to the original where Catherine (Jade Leung) once again is doctored with. She now goes by the name Erica Leung and with every memory erased of her past she is nothing but a shell with killer tendencies. One plus side, she can be turned off this time.

It's funny how films want us to believe that these chips can turn someone into a superhuman. I mean in combination with mechanical parts I can definitely see how chips could do it. But a chip inside a human body can't magically make you walk or give you extra strength. But this is what happens to Erica and because of her memories being erased she is basically a high function zombie who can get out of control on a whim. One might think that Erica basically becoming Terminator we would get to enjoy her killing spree. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this is not a Jade Leung joint, but a Robin Shou one. He is your typical CIA agent who can't get a break with all these new technologies emerging making his life so much more difficult. Honestly, I didn't mind. Somehow it brings out the best in Jade Leung and when she is present she is always awesome. Naturally with the help of stuntmen doing most of her stunts, but sometimes you do get to see her do real dangerous stuff which is very cool.

I will spare you the plot. Yes, it is as ridiculous as the title suggests. It doesn't matter much. For the most part it ties up the action sequences rather nicely. I really enjoyed the action. Some of the scenes are truly spectacular especially the final scene which is total bizarro world but very entertaining. It's scenes like these that make this a better film than the original. It's so much more enjoyable and you aren't really given that much time to think about the plot or some of the events. Mind you, I think they could have done far more by giving Jade Leung more prominence. Then again, what we got is good enough!

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