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Review Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024): I love it!

genre: kaiju, action, adventure, science fiction

Godzilla Minus One was a serious affair, like it was with the original Godzilla films. Then came the period where Godzilla had to fight other Titans, and those became increasingly sillier. Just so you know, I love everything Godzilla and Kaiju whether it's silly or serious as long as they are respected. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is silly on steroids. And I love it wholeheartedly!

Kong: Skull Island paved the way to have a combo of silly and serious but where with each film after the films every sense of pretension is diminished. For some, that's a bad thing. For me, it's great. I don't care about the story that much (in these films). I want Godzilla, Kong and Mothra to kick ass and destroy a bunch of stuff in the name of good. They could make a film with Titans just destroying stuff without any story or human characters and I would love it. Back in the day, I was very aware that the Titans were men in suits. Oh, how I wished to be one of those men. The thought of it brings so much joy. I know for some, it's an idea they can't get behind. I remember having a conversation with a film fan like me. We pretty much had a similar taste, except when it came to Kaiju films. He just didn't understand it. Of course, I don't want real destruction, but breaking down buildings and more is very cathartic. I am not a psychologist, but I am sure they would agree some form of this is needed. These films provide an outlet for the frustrations you might have. Instead of destroying stuff yourself, you let these monsters do it on your behalf, and it's wonderful.

But most essential, it's fun. I can't describe you how much I was enjoying the spectacle. Sure, this film is far from perfect. I like events to happen fast. But as fast as this one? The pacing was out of this world. And having several storylines in a two-hour film is not the wisest of ideas, although I have to give credit to director Adam Wingard, for these storylines coming together beautifully in the end. Speaking of Wingard. Like with most directors, they have their favourites. In his case, that is Dan Stevens. And it was clear that he was having a blast. Besides, he is often able to give the film some credibility. He can be campy without being too cheesy. I really like him and would like it if he would be returning to this franchise. I think there is still too much focus on the human element, but I liked how the humans and especially Kong have found a way to coexist. But it's also wonderful that Godzilla, doesn't abide by anyone else's rules.

I also dug the story between Kong and his adoptive son. There is a real arc there and so satisfying in the end. Merely on how Kong acts, he shows junior how one can and should live. Like a real father would. Yes, maybe I am a sucker for these things. Sue me, I loved it!

Overall, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is a blast from start to finish. And no you don't have to turn off your brain. You can just enjoy it for what it is. Actually, all these Kaiju films have been about the same, but somehow some people don't seem to get it. If that is the case, these films aren't for you.

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